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Located in the newly constructed no. 1 Molesworth Street office building, the project consists of the interior design and management of the top floor of the building. It involved office fit-out with reception space, four external meeting rooms, nine internal meeting rooms, open space consisting of eighty. sit-stand desks, casual space, interactive space, multi-functioning auditorium space, canteen, wellness room and changing rooms.

One of the central tenets of logo design is to convey the ethos and strengths of the company to which it is attached. Goshawk has an exceptionally well considered, strong and identifiable logo. The centred focal point draws the eye, then expands outward while remaining whole and connected. The cylindrical form portrays equality, togetherness and continuation. The logo reflects an aeroplane in elevation from the overlay below we can also see the propeller as a centred focal point with its blades extending outwards. This makes for an interesting form in plan, translates to unity and facilitates collaboration.

For these reasons we made the Goshawk logo a starting point of our design, assured it would lead to further exploration and influence our approach. Furthermore, we wished to create a design which reflected and incorporated the aviation business in which our client operates. We wanted to avoid the typical square box office space and maintain the rotation of the aeroplane propellers as in our initial concept. This concept design was incorporated into our ceiling, flooring and room design which our client embraced and which they felt represented their ethos of innovation.

A major aspect of the One Molesworth Street project was to create a vision and architectural space with mood boards and fly throughs so that the client was fully satisfied that the project team could meet their needs and work space requirements. Once the vision had been created, the client understood what the final office interior finish, feel and space would be.

The project was tailored to satisfy our client’s detailed brief. Therefore, the project team lead by Nicola, aimed to create an original design solution. From inception, the creation of bright spaces and the versatility of rooms were tailored to satisfy the client’s needs and add value by design, making these the foundation of this project.

The objective of the project was the creation of the different spaces carried through from the design stage right through to  completion. These multifunctional spaces work with such ease for the client with little or no impact on the working function of the office.

With mobile walls, state of the art technology, and design purposed to support and encourage a collaborative working style, the project achieved the client’s brief. This project has allowed the client to organise several team building exercises, creating a healthy work environment for their employees.

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