Recognising that Little Island is one of the key employment locations in Metropolitan Cork, our strategic vision for Hofffmann Park is in direct response to Cork County Council's Cobh local area plan. Phase one of the masterplan seeks to retrofit a disused pharmaceutical storage facility for data centre use, with further data centre development planned in subsequent stages. The scheme also seeks to retrofit an existing office building for high-employment Science, Technology, and Enterprise purposes such as Incubator Units for high-potential startups.

The value of this project:

1. Economic and Operational Benefits:
Cost savings and quicker operational readiness from retrofitting existing structures.
Steady income from leasing data centre space and office units, with potential tax incentives.

2. Strategic Synergies:
Integrated ecosystem fosters innovation, attracting startups and high-tech enterprises, boosting the local economy and reputation.

3. Environmental and Community Impact:
Sustainable development practices with reduced waste and energy efficient designs.
Revitalises the area, improving local amenities, driving economic growth and providing new jobs.

4. Scalability:
Modern, future-proof facilities with the latest technology.
Phased development allows for scalability and flexibility in response to market needs.