60 MW

A feasibility study and masterplan were conducted by C+W O’Brien Architects to convert underutilised car parking land at the HP Facility in Liffey Park Technology Campus, Leixlip. The development plan supports the phased expansion of data centres, ultimately creating a 60MW facility with an administrative building.

Project Benefits:

1. Phased Expansion: The project allows for incremental development, with data centres expanding in 10-12MW phases, culminating in a 60MW facility.

2. Optimised Land Use: Utilises underutilised car parking land, efficiently repurposing the space within the existing HP Facility at Liffey Park Technology Campus.

3. Future Planning: The feasibility study and masterplan by C+W O’Brien Architects ensure a well-thought-out approach, aligning with long-term strategic goals for the site.