Co. Kildare

500 units

The Finlay Park Mixed use Development adjacent to Naas town centre consisting of 500 residential unit mix of Terraced housing, Apartments with some support retail and a 200 Bed Hotel. The Finlay Park Development is intended is intended to be a Model Park development that is bounded on two sides by the Grand Canal historic waterways as it meanders its way into Naas town centre.

The Master Plan approach is to maintain the amenity of the existing land use by developing the lands as a Parkland typo development, by removing the car as much as visibly possible and prioritising  the pedestrian, cycle and public transport links through the site, connecting across the canal to the Town Centre. In achieving this, we gain allot of green usable open space between development structures and by the same means achieving a safer passive family living environment, creating place-making and a sense of identity for its community residency.

The proposed development will re-animate and rejuvenate the canal edge and use.

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