In July the team at C+W O’Brien Architects, their clients and friends took to the skies and crossed the Irish Sea to London and enjoyed an unforgettable experience at London in the sky.

We had the opportunity to admire the city spreading out on either side of the river Thames, seeing many of London’s famous landmarks along the way.

The adventure continued as, we travelled by boat towards the London Eye to get to our final destination. A dining table suspended 100ft above the ground. This was truly once in a lifetime experience, unlike any other.

The dining experience kicked off with a glass of champagne before we boarded our one-hour ‘flight’ for lunch. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the journey up to 100 feet was really smooth sailing. As we ascended the skies, the views that presented themselves to us were truly amazing.

The gastronomic adventure in the sky gave the group the opportunity to view the London Eye from a different perspective while enjoying great company and some delicious food. The energy up in the skies was really incredible as everyone was just so excited to be there.

C+W O’Brien Architects know that successful projects are built on a strong relationship with our clients and partners. We make every effort to ensure the project journey is a beneficial experience for all involved plus inject some fun along the way.