We were delighted to join Carol Talon on Property Matters this week. Our MD Arthur O’Brien discussed the future of the construction industry in Ireland with Carol and Shane Dempsey of the Construction Industry Federation. They discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the future of development in Ireland, and Arthur discussed some positive stories of continued investment from our own clients. They also discussed the future of construction work in Ireland, and the need to continue to deliver projects at pace while providing exemplary health and safety standards on site. Arthur suggested COVID-19 might accelerate the adoption of offsite & modular construction in Ireland, as it allows building to continue at pace while reducing the numbers required on site.

Directors William Power and Brian Bolger discussed the most up-to-date planning changes and how these are likely to impact proposed developments. They also discussed the need for Ireland to accelerate our adoption of digital technology, and how the COVID crisis has highlighted the need for digital planning submission capabilities.

You can listen to this podcast by following this link.