Data Centres

Data Centre & Mission Critical Facilities

C+W O’Brien Architects have extensive experience in the design of large data centres. We take into consideration a number of key factors and elements in our data centre design, mission critical and industrial facilities.

We carry out research and strive to find the best and most appropriate solution for our clients’ needs. We ensure the highest level of security, undisrupted power supply, high capacity, cooling and ventilation and the most efficient functionality and facilities management systems.

At C+W O’Brien Architects, we consider each project in a phased manner accounting for energy, security, and contextual environmental considerations. Our multidisciplinary team creates a positive working environment, allowing our clients to be co-designers enhancing
project delivery.

We stay at the forefront of latest trends in innovation and digital construction. Our internal processes and documentation are developed to align with best practices and international standards, such as ISO 9001 and 19650. With Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and facilities management in mind, we develop our Information Models and data deliverables to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our client’s goals and make them a reality. Each client has different objectives, be it creation of wealth, design, environmental preservation, safety, integration, size, budget or time. We insist on defining these objectives before starting a project.

We are delivering the next generation of Data Centres for our international clients locally.