We believe the role of the architect is more than simply design, it involves gaining a thorough understanding of the client and their business. This ensures our solutions meet their needs and increases the value of the client’s related activities.

To achieve this, our brief begins with project programming and extends through to facility management. Though our network of members we have the ability to offer these services on an international level. We can manage a project in one country and oversee its development in another. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand our client’s goals and make them a reality. Each client has different goals, be it the creation of wealth, design, environmental preservation, safety, integration, size, budget or time. We insist on defining these objectives before starting a project.

In addition, we aim to gain a level of friendship and trust with our clients. This creates a positive working environment which in turn allows us to better understand their goals and achieve additional benefits for their business.

Architecture C+W O’Brien Architecture

Master Planning C+W O’Brien Architecture

Master Planning and Urban Design

We create master plans balancing our ability to create a commercially viable plan that offers meaningful investment opportunity, whilst meeting the needs of the local community and the statutory obligations of the planning system.

We produce design solutions that contribute to the built environment and urban fabric, with a lifelong appeal for future generations. We develop our master plans from an examination and understanding of the site, taking into account landscape, geologic history, adjacent communities and demographics. We understand our responsibility to the environment for our private space and public domain.

Our team of master planning/urban designers bring together a variety of expertise, our successful working relationship with many local authorities in Ireland and our high success rate in planning permissions granted to our clients, is a measure of how we provide a comprehensive planning service in all building matters.

Interior Design

At C+W O’Brien Architects our interior design team endeavour to create exciting and inspiring environments that express our clients’ values and commercial objectives. We develop sensible solutions that incorporate a sustainable and viable approach to the built environment. We produce customer-focused experiences which take account of the functional and operational requirement of our clients, developing engaging with our clients to create impressive spaces that foster productivity. Attention to detail and extensive documentation paired with our fluid design approach set us apart from the rest.

We have a dedicated interiors team who can advise clients on fitting out a project through hard and soft finishing with design focus which prioritises both brief and budget. We manage the entire design and construction process to ensure to achieve maximum potential.

Interior Design C+W O’Brien Architecture
Hotel and Leisure C+W O’Brien Architects

Hotel & Leisure

C+W O’Brien support hotel and leisure clients by creating distinctive, high-performance, value engineered, and sustainable developments. To do this, we provide a full design service, from concept to operation. We shape great hotel experiences at every level, from comfort to five-star luxury and beyond.

Graphic Design – 3D Visualisation

C+W O’Brien’s dedicated Graphic Design section provides a specialised in-house computer visualisation and 3D “walk-through” service. The service is increasingly valuable to our clients, not only as a means of enabling them to see how the finished product will look, feel and function, but also as a tool for communicating their objectives to key members or stakeholders within their own organisation.

3D Visualisation C+W O’Brien Architects

Data centre C+W O’Brien Architects

Data Centre

We consider a number of key factors and elements in the design of our data centres. We ensure the highest levels of security, uninterrupted power supply, high capacity cooling and ventilation and the most efficient functionality and facilities management system.